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on that holiday fishing boat when it capsized off the coast of mexico last sunday. the search continues tonight for seven people who are still missing. monty francis is in san francisco with the latest for us. monty? >> reporter: diane, good evening. charles gibson is the chief of police at contra costa college, he's among the survivors of that ill-fated fishing trip. gibson says he was fast asleep on the fishing boat erik last sunday when the ship began to sink about 2:30 in the morning. he was wearing headphones and a snoring machine to treat his sleep apnea, and he would have died had a friend not woken up. he was immediately thrown from the boat into a huge wave. gibson says he swam for hours, and a friend of his had a flotation device so he gave
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gibson his life vest. he was alone in the sea for nine hours, finally off in the distance he saw land. >> a lot of things go through your mind when you're trying to survive and stay alive. and so beak a basketball fan, i said, you have to be like the lakers, youen cats be like miami. you have to continue to go with it, the side stroke brought you here, keep stroking. >> he made it to a remote island where he was finally rescued by the mexican navy. some of the survivors have leveled criticism at the captain and screw. gibson did not join in the criticism. he has hope that the other seven still missing are somewhere on a remote island like he was, just waiting to be rescued. monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> he had a good attitude about
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the side stroke. governor jerry brown just signed a new law, making it easier for schools to punish students who bully other kids on line. elise kirschner just spoke to the bay area lawmaker who introduced that legislation. elise? >> reporter: back in 196 when the first anti-bullying law was first introduced, the language of it did not include social networking sites. now with this new law being passed, that's all changed. the bill here now includes social networking sites in the language of the law. to give you an idea how different it was back then, facebook users had around 20,000 users when the californianty bullying law was first drafted. before the end of this year, 1 billion users will use the site. in the past, schools have had anti-bullying policies in place on school grounds, but had problems stopping on the internet. schools will be allowed to suspend students for bullying
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classmates on social networking sites. nora campos from san jose introduced legislation that's long overdue. >> i think what it's going to do is, we're going to hear about what's happening to kids that are cyber bullying, before we didn't hear about it, there was no way to discipline them. i think what we'll hear more often, if you engage in cyber bullying, there are consequences to be had. >> a dispute bill was backed by the california state pta and the california teacher's association, and we'll have more on this story coming up at 11:00. we actually talked to the parents of a local teen who attempted to commit suicide after being bullied online. for now, we're live in san jose, elise kirschner, nbc bay area news. a polole chase in vallejo ended with several innocent people hurt including a 5-year-old boy.
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chp officers say they were chasing a stolen hummer when it crashed into a small car last night. the boy and his mother were both injured and are hospitalized tonight. the hummer flipped over, injuring the 17-year-old suspect who was driving it. the teenage he has a criminal history and will now likely face hit and run, evading arrest and stolen vehicle charges. in nearby fairfield, police arrested two teenagers after a carjack and arson last night. a pizza delivery driver was on limewood court. two miles away on silver creek road the car was involved in an accident. they caught one of the suspects running from the scene. the other suspect allegedly broke into a nearby home, started a fire by leaving a cutting board on the stove and police say they had to be tasered before they could take them into custody.
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on the peninsula today, police and city officials in east palo alto held their third annual gun buyback. people received a $100 american express gift card. the program was started in 2009. in response to the accidental shooting death of a 2-year-old boy by a 12-year-old boy who found a rifle in the garage. the program provides community members a safe venue and incentive to remove unwanted guns from their homes. >> most people are just excited or happy there's an avenue. they have been wanting to get rid of the weapons in the past. now that they can get funding for it, with no questions asked. >> city councilman woods reports 45 wells were turned in today including seven assault weapons and two handguns. the south bay blue star moms have their annual car wash and bake sale in san jose today. the military support troops send packages to military families
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abroad. while they raise money today, the military moms talk about the news that a sang jose soldier died in afghanistan on july 5th. >> we were notified that there was a kia in afghanistan, we worked along with w winde we will be there if the family needs us, we will be there. >> the army sergeant was killed tuesday in afghanistan when rebels attacked his on unit. the 36-year-old from san jose had only four months left on his final tour of dudety. he joined the military back when he was just 18 years old. in new york, a roller coaster is shut down tonight and an investigation is underway after an army veteran fell to his death. this is video sergeant james hakimer after he returned home to buffalo. both of his legs were amputated as a result of the bomb. last night, investigators say he was on the front seat of a roller coaster called the ride
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of steel. at some point he was ejected from the roller coaster, the spokesperson from the park would only say the incident is under investigation. >> we are saddened to report the guest has passed away. we are currently investigating the situation with our safety experts and local authorities. the attraction in the surrounding area is closed pending the investigation. our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and the family of the victim. investigators do say the restraints were working properly. the roller coaster is 208 feet tall and reaches speeds of 70 miles an hour. coming up next at 6:00. >> one newspaper here is asking if this is britain's watergate. a story that began with a few facts was pursued by a few journalists, now a scandal enveloping one of the world's most powerful men. we'll show you how the royal
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couple spent the afternoon in southern california. we'll tell you just how much a ticket to have lunch cost with the two of them. around the bay area, the ocean air c ditioning absolutely free. right now around the bay area, look at our temperatures in san francisco. it's chilly out there. you need a jacket even though it's july. 70s inland now, what you can expect for the rest of the weekend includes even cooler weather on the way. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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malibu chicken, flame broiled steak, or half dozen jumbo shrimp, plus endless salad bar... starting at just $9.99! at sizzler. after 168 years in president business, one of britain's newspapers is shutting down for good. rupert murdoch's news of the world is emt broiled in allegations of phone hacking that many see as not only illegal, but unforgivable.
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>> reporter: as the scandal that brought down one of his best selling newspapers threatens to damage more of his media empire, rupert murdoch will floy into te u.k., some are suggesting his son could face prosecution. yesterday, two top former employees were arrested, an editor and a reporter who served prison time back in 2007 when victims included celebrities and members of the royal family. the claim, that people's privacy was invaded, their cell phone voice mails listened to, described as phone hacking. britain's prime minister vowing, no stone will be left unturned. >> these people could have had their phones hacked into, in order to generate stories for a newspaper is simply disgusting. >> among the 4,000 potential phone hacking victims, whose names and numbers have been turned over to the police, families of murder victims, terror attack vingts and fallen
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soldiers. tony just found out his son james who died in afghanistan in 2006 may have had not only his cell phone tapped into by the news of the world, but also his e-mail. >> it's despicable. >> reporter: in the words of the prime minister, people trust the police to protect them, the media to inform them. this scandal now threatens to spread to the united states where rupert murdoch's senior executives now runs the dow jones in new york, but used to run the paper here. this scandal threatens british tabloid journalism as we know it. back to you. still ahead at 6:00, speaking of england, a look at the royal couple's visit to california today. plus, the cause that thousands of people are willing to walk 39 miles for this
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weekend throughout the bay area also. it's very difficult when you're shooting not to spend about 70% of your time blowing takes because you're laughing so hard. kevin spacey and jennifer aniston talk about the new comedy that opened up this weekend.
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prince william and his wife catherine are on day two of their visit to california. they made a grand entrance on the red carpet before greeting some of hollywood's royalty. >> catherine and i have had a
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busy few days. but the prospect of letting loose this afternoon with a polo match. >> guests wanting to dine with william and catherine had to pay $4,000 a plate. tonight they head to a black tie events in l.a. hosted by the british film industry. the ninth annual avon walk for breast cancer drew thousands of people in san francisco today. people walked through san francisco, sausalito and mill valley. crazy costumes there in order to raise funds for breast cancer organizations. tonight they plan to camp out and continue their journey tomorrow with a closing ceremony back at ft. mason and san francisco. since it's launch at 2003, more than 145,000 women have participated in the walk.
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a new diagnosis of breast cancer occurs every three minute notice united states. right now we're going to check in with rob mayeda. it was a lovely week, because i like the hot weather. >> the sea breeze picking up, it did a number to our innercities and the coast. further south and away from the water, we got up to 88 degrees around the almedan valley. 85 in morgan hill, this really is a typical snapshot of our july micro climates, where we get the 50s and 60s near the coast and 80s inland. 70s for santa rosa and napa, the sea breeze did pick up pretty gusty this afternoon, not just for san francisco but all the way toward the east bay hilltops. low 60s, and even san jose for your evening plans, a light jacket will be fine as our temperatures will cool quickly. as the marine air pumps in some
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clouds in the next few hours. all locations will see patches of low clouds now as the marine layer thickens up and the sea breeze keeps going. we'll see temperatures running about the same tomorrow in terms of the cooling we saw today for the coast. we're looking at 70s. you can see all the low clouds we had on the coast. we did get late day cooling here in santa cruz. a cool and cloudy day in monterey. the marine layer is about 2,000 feet thick. when it gets that thick, it has no trouble spilling over the mountain tops. as the marine layer thickens up, we do get areas of drizzle and mist occasionally. something we'll see tomorrow morning, and a better bet of seeing drizzle for the morning community monday into tuesday as well. upper 40s around santa rosa, otherwise we'll see temperatures in the lower 50s tomorrow. some eas, drizzle possible.
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this is not a typical july forecast for our inland areas. we'll see highs mostly in the 80s around areas south of san jose, 60 mateo, san francisco, 50s for half moon bay, only low 80s at best across concord and pittsburgh. around the north bay we should see highs once again around 70s and 80s. today, we're going to see the first half of the workweek, places like livermore and san jose low 70s. it's going to cool down as the sea breeze stays strong, and warming by next weekend. >> we'll be right back.
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a new comedy opening this weekend, kevin spacey has some experience playing a bad guy.
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jennifer aniston takes on a new job. >> kevin spacey's definitely got a knack for playing bad guys. >> i had no idea that you called your grandmother gamgam. >> this time it's for laughs in "horrible bosses". >> when you're playing a character you would label as a bad character or villain, in a more serious film, it has a different feeling than in a film like -- >> spacy stars along with colin ferrell and jennifer aniston. as psycho bosses, their employees want gone. >> why don't you kill each other's bosses. >> that's actually a good idea. >> that's an idea -- >> are we even sure this guy's home. >> easier said than done. >> it's a premise everyone can identify with. >> aniston's role with a sex obsessed dentist gave her some new territory to explore. >> i learned i can definitely say a lot of things that i never
6:23 pm
thought i'd say on camera. >> reporter: the adult humor definitely spiced things up on the set. >> it's difficult when you're shooting not to spend about 70% of your time blowing takes because you're laughing so hard. >> reporter: aniston was especially taken by the would-be assassins. >> i don't understand that amazing chemistry, they were so phenomenal and fun, and i couldn't take my eyes off them. i was so bummed when it ended. >> reporter: for audiences, the laughs are just starting this weekend. mark barger, nbc news. >> for a look at what's coming up in sports, let's go to henry wofford from comcast sports center. hello, henry. >> hem low diane. it was a milestone day for derek jeter. how about 3,000 hits, the only yankee to ever do it. more on that coming up. the a's and rangers in action. we'll have the latest from
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arlington as the athletics make up ground. marshawn lynch has some free time due to the lockout. why not give back to the community.
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welcome back to nbc bay area, the world series champs are sitting in first place, a game ahead of the diamondbacks, there's always room for improvement. during the all-star break, the giants interview a former manager. washington nationals manager jim riggleman may not be out of a job for long. next week he's scheduled to interview with the champs next month. he left the nationals over a contract dispute. a's looking to snap the rangers five-game win streak. third of a four-game set in
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texas. brandon mccarthy taking on his former team. he gets elvis anders looking. josh willingham facing colby lewis. solo shot to left. willingham's 11th of the season. lewis' a.l. lead 23rd allowed. two on for jamaal weeks. powell scores to make it 3-0. a's are rolling right now. it's 4-1 in the fifth inning. rays and yankees, derek jeter -- go ahead and make it one hit shy. in the bottom of the first he leads off with a single to the left. bingo, get ahold of one, if you're going to get 3,000 hits, do it the right way, go over the fence. he's greeted at home plate with teammates and takes a curtain call, the first yankee to ever have 3,000 hits. jeter, leadoff double to left. he's a triple shy -- no triple,
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he singles again, make it 3,000 and two hits, how about the game winning hit in the bottom of the eighth, when you're hot you're hot. derek jeter, the man can do it all. >> it's one of those special days. coming in, i've been lying to you guys for a long time saying i wasn't nervous, and there's no pressure. there's a lot of pressure to do it here, i thought eventually i would get a few hits. there's -- i feel a lot of pressure to do it here while i'm at home. very been lying to you for quite some time. >> let's get to some soccer, women's world cup, two-time defending champions, germany facing japan. extra time, 108th minute, it's karina, she slips it past the german goal keeper. they were going on and on and they go on to shock the germans.
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germans first loss at a world cup since 1999. england and france, 58th minute, england on the attack. jill scott making noise. what a beautiful shot, right where it needs to be. go ahead and count it. however, 87th minute. france making noise this time. elise, this game is tied at one, after extra time, we go to penalty kicks, france up 4-3. england needs to make this kick to keep pace. not this time. hits the crossbar. france moves on to the semifinals. i love it, look at the kids getting clobbered out there by marshawn lynch. he's back in the bay for
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football camp. the camp provides 600 kids the opportunity to work on their skills, sportsmanship and team work skills while building self-esteem on and off the field. any time you can clobber a kid and then laugh in his face, that's great sportsmanship, right? we're changing gears here a little bit. a 7.1 earthquake hit the northeast coast of japan about a half hour ago. that's the same area that was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami in march. there is a tsunami warning for japan, there's been no warning for california at this point. coming up on technow .. the next mov efor netflix .. will there be a happy ending? take a ride on a crazy, eco- friendly, cool new bike .. protect yourself against the next large-

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